About Us 關於我們

Testing and certificate industry has been rapidly developed in Hong Kong over the past few years. However, the development of calibration field, which lays the foundations for testing and certificate laboratories, had actually fallen behind the industry growth. Those laboratories in Hong Kong therefore need to seek calibration services that are offered overseas, which may lead to time-consuming process, high cost and increased risk of damage or loss during transport. In response to an increasing demand for calibration in Hong Kong, we aim at providing professional calibration services mainly for air quality monitoring equipment among numbers of calibration items as a milestone in the establishment of Cal Lab Limited.


Cal Lab Limited was established in 2013 to motivate the development of calibration industry in Hong Kong. We are committed to comply with ISO 17025 on our calibration services in relation to quality requirement as well as management system of organization. In 2015, we have been granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in accordance with the standards to enhance the quality in our calibration services at the international level (certificate no. #3815.01). According to the database in 2019, Cal Lab Limited is the only third party laboratory in Hong Kong to provide calibration services for a variety of air quality monitoring equipment.

校正實驗室有限公司成立於2013 年,並依照國際實驗室質量體系ISO 17025 建立校正項目的質量要求及公司的管理體系。我們於2015 年獲得美國實驗室認可協會(A2LA) 有關空氣監測儀器和其他儀器之校正和公司質量體系的認可,使我們的校正服務能達至國際水平 (證書號 #3815.01)。依照我們2019 年的資料,校正實驗室有限公司是香港唯一於香港地區提供空氣檢測儀器校正服務的第三方實驗室。

In August 2019, we expanded our scope of calibration services and obtained accreditation by A2LA. Wherein our calibration services, we are the only accredited laboratories in Hong Kong which is able to perform calibration and issue accredited certificate on following parameter equipment:

2019 年8 月,我們擴展了校正服務範圍並取得A2LA 評核及認可。其中下列的校正項目我們是香港區唯一一所獲得認可的實驗室。

  1. Total Volatile Organic Compounds Monitor TVOC監測儀
  2. Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor 硫化氫監測儀
  3. Methane / Combustible Gas Monitor 可燃氣體監測儀
  4. Oxygen Monitor 氧氣監測儀
  5. Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor 二氧化氮監測儀
  6. Ozone Monitor 臭氧監測儀